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Karnav shah (Founder of JivanamAsteya, Registered NGO) has worked with International NGO in the healthcare sector in Melbourne, Australia for a long time. Returning to India, he realizes his keen interest and social responsibility towards national reforms and effective policymaking to protect human rights and boosting the indian economy without entering in conflict with human, animal, and nature. As India is one of the fastest growing economies, it is likely to mentor and monitoring such aspect. 

We started as registered NGO in 2012 in surat, Gujarat to resolve grievance of Indian citizen and consumer for free however with growing citizen consumer’s demand for assistance and complex bureaucratic and ill-responsive nature of government, brands backed by lawyer and wealth, fear of police among citizen, restricted us to serve large community for free and limited our ability to hire legal social worker, associated with expert lawyer and building network with local, national and international communities without sufficient funding. We did not like the idea of receiving fund and grant from the government as this can give them intervention opportunity and they would try to influence or control us.

To assist #consumercitizen; to resolve their complaint and further to take strict action against responsible, it was imperative to offer unlimited free premium services (such as social campaign, writing a petition, and departmental complaint,  press releases and more.) in addition to full-fledged technical-legal social work support. We wanted to create 100% response on a complaint and hence we required the top consultant, profound knowledge, R&D facilitation, social skills, and infrastructure. To sum up, “community-based Non for Profit social entrepreneur Model” was a solution to our problem. We decided to designed non-profit plan to ensure we meet administrative cost to sustain the project and offer extensive support to the victim. 

We love our work as it brings immense satisfaction to us, peace and happiness to our beneficiary (You). We are passionate, dedication and devoted team, determined to safeguard & advocate #citizenconsumer rights in India. In our journey, we salute, promote, interview those heroes who support to resolve the grievance of citizen & consumer such as police, government officials. It is essential that people of our country know about dedicated honest official and good reliable brand who protect their user’s rights and comfort. The founder often contributes their earnings/skills/time in the form of the donation to maintain the quality and support dynamic of the project. we heavily rely on public donation to expand our research, make support affordable, and expland scope of free victim support online free beyond state borders and to establish physical centers. you can donate us HERE. Your contribution to our social cause and interest in national reforms can be approciated throguh your donation. Click Here to donate. (you can donate any amount. You will also receive official receipt) (Amount donated by you under this category will be used to improve skills of the staff, infrastructure, administration of management and hence to provide efficient services to the beneficiaries of

Resolving Consumer-Citizen Complaints. Empowering Consumer and Citizen of India. 

1. To Participate in the RECOGNITION, PROTECTION, PROMOTION, ADVOCACY, ENFORCEMENT and REGULATION of Rights of Indian Consumer and Citizens.

2. Reliable, Friendly, Responsible, Accessible, Transparent and Corruption Free Government, Police and Brand. (Values)

3. To Promote and Protect the welfare of the consumers and Strengthen the Consumer Movement in the Country. (Values)

Advocating Consumer-Citizen Rights through Assistance, and Support in Resolving and Submission of their Complaints in India. Empowering Consumer and Citizen of the Country.

The Consumer-Citizen Rights Includes:

Civil and Political Rights – Right to Life, Liberty, Free Speech, Movement, Political Thought, Religious Practice, Fair Trial, Privacy, To Raise Family, To Vote;

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – Adequate food and water, Healthcare, Education, Clean Environment, Respect for cultural practices, Welfare assistance;

Humanitarian Rights – Rights of those who are, affected by armed conflict, prisoners of war, wounded, women and children; for necessary care and treatment.

Rights of Categories of People – Workers’ rights, Women’s rights, Minority groups, disabled, Consumer Rights, Juvenile Rights and etc.

Consumer Welfare and Protection – Right to Safety, Right to Information, Right to Choose, Right to Heard, Right to Redressed, Right to Consumer Education, Right to Healthy Environment, Right to Basic Needs. 

The Crime and Corruption Include Crime and Corruption within Government Organization, Organization that is funded or supported by the Government of India, All Employees of Government of India.

All the Private and Public sector companies, Institution, Ngo’s and other professionals who are operating under the government regulation or serves to the Consumer-citizen of India also included in this category. 

Consumer Rights: Generally accepted basic consumer rights are (1) Right to safety: protection from hazardous goods. (2) Right to be informed: availability of information required for weighing alternatives, and protection from false and misleading claims in advertising and labeling practices. (3) Right to choose: availability of competing for goods and services that offer alternatives in terms of price, quality, service. (4) Right to be heard: assurance that government will take full cognizance of the concerns of consumers, and will act with sympathy and dispatch through statutes and simple and expeditious administrative procedures. (5) Right to Consumer Education. (6) Right to Healthy Environment. (7) Right to Redressed. (8) Right to Basic Needs. 

1. To follow the 4 Stages of ChintalessNagrik to resolve Consumer-Citizen’s Complaints.

2. Helping individual, groups, or communities to enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and to create societal conditions favorable to this goal. Community Well-being.

3. Coaching, Training, Education, Seminar and Workshops to Achieve the Vision and effective delivery of OBJECTIVE.

4. Bridging Government/ Company and Consumer-Citizen as a Social Entrepreneur to build a better relationship, peace, civil progress, protection and promotion of legal rights of the Indian Consumer-Citizen.

5. To Conduct necessary legal research to achieve the vision and objective of ChintalessNagrik and take action that is necessary . To Conduct activities and operation to eliminate crime and corruption within government organization by any legal and fairly acceptable ways or associations. Running a moderate to an aggressive social campaign, a media campaign to restore rights of Consumer-Citizens.

6. To take action against crime and corruption within government organization and to influence Lawmakers, national policies and government of India to bring positive change in national reforms. “Process of action” through feedback, Campaign, and reports.

7. To Amend, Add or Subtract Objective and Services to achieve VISION.

We’re Social Entrepreneur, Reformist & Changemaker, Empowering and Helping Consumer-Citizen of India to Protect, Promote, Advocate and Defend Their Civil Rights, Human Rights, Legal Rights, Constitutional Rights, Consumer Rights and Fundamental Rights by the way of escalation of their Grievance and Complaints to concerned department thereafter if issues remain complex or unresolved we take it up to highest authority for legal action, intervention, and resolution of complaint or grievance. We also force the government to take disciplinary action and necessary steps when it is required.

We provide one stop solution for everything that you require to resolve your complaint with one time lowest processing charges. Our process includes escalation of complaints, follow up, drafting and sending a legal notice, Writing RTI and Appeals, Social and Media Campaign,Press Releases, Complaints to International Level and 05+ Government Organization. We are Fearless, Daring, and Passionate about our Job.

We fight and back you up and until your grievance is addressed legally.

Read Our Story “Section” in “About Us” Category,  to know why we run this project.

We are like minded Citizen-Consumer who have become Social Entrepreneur, Changemaker, and reformist to make Government, Police and Brand accountable, friendly, Transparent, Honest and Corruption Free towards the Consumer-Citizens.

In a normal life of common man, it is apparent that it is tough to deal with slow, ill responsive government department or official to get Citizen-Consumer work done properly. Whether it is Filing of FIR or dealing with Police for a range of Criminal and Civil issues, It is close to impossible to go against police or force them to do a legal job that they are entitled to do. Sometimes opposition invites never-ending problem to Citizen. On the other hand, Government is still not free from serious crime and corruption which directly or indirectly affect the citizen. To get individual’s problem resolved from government or police department, no social organization or government itself found to be interested. Lawyers take huge fees, however, there is no guarantee for a result. On the other side, Brands are backed by the wealthy and highly qualified lawyer who backed the legal and financial interest of their client (Brand).

Consumer-Citizen is given important on the pages and storyboard, however, a true support and strong backup are in shortage, timely support is not available to an aggrieved person, hence the solution came out as a that offers Online services to resolve Citizen and Consumers complaint against Government, Police, Filing FIR and Brands. We do not just support merely writing a piece of paper but we provide full-fledged support and record your story and send it up to higher authorities after the resolution of your complaint to influence policy maker, lawmaker, and protector of our nation.

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Karnav Shah

Karnav Shah

Founder, MD

Social Serial Entrepreneur, Changemaker, Legal Social Work Expert having 12+ Year experience. Dedicated, Focused and Result Oriented. eMBA (Criminology), Doctorate (Management)

Umang Agrawal

Umang Agrawal

Director - Administration & Operations

Passionate about Social Work, Love to work with people and high follower of work ethics, Integrity and honesty. 

Amit Shah

Amit Shah

Panel Lawyer,LLB. Senior Advocate  having a diversity of Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial and other legal assignments centric exposure. Love for a nation, Dedicated for National Reform and Consumer-Citizen Empowerment.


Y A Momin

Y A Momin

Panel Lawyer

Y. A Momin specializes in criminal, civil and matrimonial law with exposure in Cyber Law at District, Session and High Court.

I worked with JivanamAsteya for a month, but to be honest my work experience there was really astounding and inspiring. Their work is totally extraordinary. Their innovative projects with innovative names makes them a gem in crowd of NGOs in Surat. Mr. Karnav Shah, the founder of JivanamAsteya is the person from whom you can learn a hell lot of a things. He is a man possessing vast knowledge in each and every field. I worked for his one of the projects i.e., Dear Cherry Kiwi which has its central focus towards protection of child and their rights. I had a great exposure working for this project. I had visited “childine” Surat & Juvenile Justice Board Surat for some research work, while working for this project. I got to meet 2-3 government authorities working in this area. I also filed an RTI to “Samaj Suraksha Adhikari, Surat” in the research process. So, really really had a great experience their and yes, if anyone is reading this review, I very strongly recommend you to choose JivanamAsteya as your internship or work place.

Raviraj Mahida, Law Student, Auro University

Foram Gandhi

Foram Gandhi

Legal Support Manager, Auro University

She has contributed to the area of constitutional law, Legal Drafting during her internship.

Pragya Vats

Pragya Vats

Legal Research Assistant, Symbiosis Law School

She has contributed to the area of criminal law, strategic law for ChintalessNagrik Program.

Aniket Shah

Aniket Shah

HR Assistant, NMIMS

He has significantly contributed for the Training and Development modules for StartupEntrepreneur Program.

Rajat Bihani

Rajat Bihani

Management Trainee, NMIMS

His Contribution to the development of entrepreneuship program is remarkable. 

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