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We understand while dealing with a complex complaint such as the complaint against powerful corporate, government official or police, it is a matter of concern for the aggrieved person to safeguard his and his family well-being. Sometimes, career safety is also a major concern while you file a complaint. Hence in many cases, aggrieved person prefer to take action for the interest of the small group, public or nation yet he wish to keep his identity hidden and protected.

We at aims to empowered #ConsumerCitizen of India and help you to keep your identity and information secret. It is possible, in many cases, you can not hide your identity such as when you seek a refund from the brand, you need to reveal your information (However, our strong intervention always safeguard your interest). On the other hand, If you wish to file a complaint against corruption, Income tax evasion, badly conditioned road near your apartment or society, sexual harassment, and many more other complaints.

We provide your full information, resources, and support. When you file a complaint with us, ensure you mention whether you wish to keep your identity hidden or not and once your ticket is open for further discussion to resolve your grievance, we will advise you further on your case. You don’t need to make any payment for services until you are satisfied with our essential opinion related to your identity. (Complaint Anonymously Hide Identity)

We encourage you to read our Terms and Condition before you make payment or obtain our free or paid services. We also encourage to read resources available on this page.


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Whistle Blowers

Whistle Blowers Protection Act, 2011 is an Act of the Parliament of India which provides a mechanism to investigate alleged corruption and misuse of power by public servants and also protect anyone who exposes alleged wrongdoing in government bodies, projects, and offices.

The wrongdoing might take the form of fraud, corruption or mismanagement. The Act will also ensure punishment for false or frivolous complaints.

The Act was approved by the Cabinet of India as part of a drive to eliminate corruption in the country’s bureaucracy and passed by the Lok Sabha on 27 December 2011.

The Bill was passed by Rajya Sabha on 21 February 2014 and received the President’s assent on 9 May 2014.

complaint anonymously hide identity Made Easy With #ChintalessNagrik.

Salient Features of Whistle Blowers Act.

  • The Act seeks to protect whistleblowers, i.e. persons making a public interest disclosure related to an act of corruption, misuse of power, or criminal offense by a public servant.
  • Any public servant or any other person including a non-governmental organization may make such a disclosure to the Central or State Vigilance Commission.
  • Every complaint has to include the identity of the complainant.
  • The Vigilance Commission shall not disclose the identity of the complainant except to the head of the department if he deems it necessary. The Act penalizes any person who has disclosed the identity of the complainant.
  • The Act prescribes penalties for knowingly making false complaints.


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Private Complaint

You can also file complaint anonymously such as eve teasing, bullying, complaint where identity reveal may danger your life, information which is largely in public interest or interest of country such as, If you notice money-Laundering activities, tax evasion, illegal trade, you can supply information to respective department. You can also file complaint with us.

The complaint, On Your Behalf.

When your complaint pertains to the interest of public at large or nation, we file a complaint, in our name, after sufficient discussion and document verification. We also run an aggressive social campaign, press release and notify highest decision maker authority with continuous follow-up. Whatever we do, we will share evidence of our ethical activity with you in real time.

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Hide Your Identity

 You can now file complaint anonymously with us. And in a case of Public or social interest we may file complaint in our name. we also support for Whistle Blower complaint filing. We 100% safeguard your personal, career and family interest while filing a complaint.

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Complaint Anonymously Hide Identity

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