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Office: M-6, Sargam Shopping Center, Umra, Parle Point,  Surat – 395007, Gujarat, India.

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NOTICE: For Security Purpose, Our Office is equipped with High-Quality CCTV Camera, Necessary Protective Equipment, and technology to direct contact with Police. We face threat calls due to the nature of our work, however, we continue to serve fearlessly.

Due to the High inflow of complaint each day, we remain busy with working on complaint hence it is a request for your best interest to send us an email or update your ticket in case if you are existing customer. for Complaint related question, We prefer to communicate through email or ticketing system. For your own interest, we are strict about our policy. Every complaint including free complaint stand equal to us hence rests assures you will be always in touch with your case manager. You may send any communication at our address by post or email. phone support is available for emergency or at the time of miscommunication with an existing customer.  You can raise an issue or update your ticket here.

If you wish to file a complaint using email, please write your grievance at Kindly share your Phone, Name and Working email detail for efficient response.

Phone:  +91 79903 16164.

Consider phone as the last option and it may be possible you would be asked to leave your information and we will open your complaint ticket and communicate further in ticket due to a time-related constraint. We do not offer phone support however when we require, post to complaint filing, we will call you from our end. Rest Assured, this is to offer you high quality and timely support effectively.

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