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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChintalessNagrik?

“ChintalessNagrik” is a project of a Jivanam Asteya – Center for International Peace and Conflict Studies which is an NGO/NPO Registered Under The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, Registration Number: E/7385/surat AND Registered under Section 12AA of The Income Tax Act, 1961, Government of India.

We are a Non-Governmental, Non-Political, Non for Profit Organization.

Trustee, Founders, and Team of jivanamAsteya Trust (NGO) passed a resolution number 10/2016 on 06/04/2016 and as per the objective number (2), (3), (4), (6), (13) and (14) of the trust, project came into a legal existence.

Hence, “ChintalessNagrik” is India’s first Online Platform that offers efficient support and assistance to Citizen-Consumers to resolve their grievance with 100% Redressal Guarantee with its advanced network, resources, and strategy. To find more about our Non-Profit Plan, Please Click Here! 

We charge to meet expenses involved in resolving your complaint and administrative cost. We have no funding from the government to run this project nor we intend to approach the government to refrain from any influence. We rely on donations and self-contributions of founder’s of the organization. 

We are neither Law Firm not representative or affiliation organization with Government or Brand. We are online empowering and assistance Platform to Resolve and Address Consumer and Citizen Grievance efficiently.

Why do you charge? Why don't you Registered as an NGO?

We are an NGO. Give us a chance to clarify that, We began as Enlisted NGO in 2012 in Surat, Gujarat to determine grievance of Indian Citizen-Consumer for Free however with increasing interest for our assistance and complex bureaucratic and sick responsive nature of government, Brands supported by legal top counselor and apprehension of police among citizens, restricted us to assist community nationwide due to limited funding, resources, and expert network.

“Community Supported Non-Profit Model” was a solution for our vision. We charge expenses and minimum administrative charges to support and run Project. “To help Citizens and Consumers to assist in resolving their grievance and further initiating strict action against responsible, it was vital to offer Unlimited Free Premium Services (such as Social Campaign, Writing Public Petition & Appeal, 10+ Agency and Departmental Complaint, Press Release and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.) We needed to make 100% response on grievance and consequently, we required the top advisor, Research and development support, and skills. To total up, “Community-based Non-Profit Model” was a solution to overcome our funding related issues, to spread the scope of our noble work. We charge expenses and necessary administrative expenses to run ChintalessNagrik Project. Rest is free. Please refer our “Non-Profit Plan” to learn more about our services. Please Click Here!

In fact, you can also file a FREE complaint with us at our CHINTALESS NAGRIK FACEBOOK FORUM where we will guide you for free as a part of our continuous efforts to empower Consumer-Citizen of India. Click Here and Join our Facebook Forum for Free and file Complaint Free.

Set a realistic expectation and understand we are dynamic social worker and we always experience funding restriction hence extension of our assistance may be limited to the terms and condition as mentioned on forum or updated individually time to time, case to case basis.

What is 100% Moneyback Guarantee?

If you are dissatisfied with the complaint resolution system, you have complete liberty to request a refund from us within 03 days of filing your complaint provided you give us a reasonable explanation for your dissatisfaction. Based on the matrix of your complaint, we will be offering you refund after making appropriate deductions. (We will only deduct taxes if we have collected on behalf of Government such as Service Tax etc.) Please note that NO refund will be processed in cases where the beneficiary provides wrong information or withholds important/relevant information related to the complaint.

What is Guarantee Response in Less Than 60 Minutes?

It is crucial that we support you earliest possible to address a serious grievance. It is likewise imperative to draw Strategy and action plan as right on time as could reasonably when a complaint is related to government or police. Once you fill up online complaint form, your ticket will be open (in 60 Minute) by support manager and he/she will start working on your case instantly. However, Delay due to technical, Natural, Weekends, Holidays, Off-hours or Legal reasons is excluded from this Guarantee. Have a realistic approach and interest in proper complaint resolution.

What is 100% Response Guarantee?

We give you 100% Guarantee that your complaint/ Grievance (Except that plan or steps that only involved notice drafting) would be readdressed by concern department, brand or police.  Please note, redressal does not mean a guarantee for resolving your complaint or resolving in your favor however it is an important step towards resolving your complaint. Responsible Person will take your allegation, complaint seriously and he would then cooperate as per the law. It has been noted that most of the Consumer-Citizen do not get a response or proper attention from the brand, government or police when they complain. Sometimes they become victimize of humiliation or threats. It simply means that responsible person will assist you or provide necessary information that might be a solution or advancing your need for a solution. We are not a tool to take disadvantage or abuse any party not we entertain such cases or complaint. we completely act in the interest of our objective and law.

What is FREE Premium Services (Forever)?

When you select Non-Profit Plans, you would receive a number of Premium services that generally if paid, acquire high cost. We just charge Costs + the fees to support and sustain project. Henceforth, our Services stay reasonable yet compelling, highly professional and result oriented. We are a group of a like-minded legal social worker who has created a proficient system, utility assets and an addition of specific expertise, capability and information to keep exceedingly available by a complainant. 

What does the term "Plan" refer to?
Wherever you read term “Plan” on our website it refers to the “Membership Plan” or “Membership Options”

To get our support to resolve your complaint, we have designed various membership plan particularly related to your specific complaint and that plan remain active subject to the terms and condition of that plan. In General, it deactivates when we have delivered our support assistance under the plan. It may be possible, we do not provide all assistance given under the membership plan because sometimes using few techniques, complaint gets resolved.

Why do you charge low fees?

Being an NGO our focus in not a profit but to serve the community in line with our objective. To empower consumer and citizen and national reform is our objective and since we get no fund from the government, we simply have designed “nonprofit Plan” and we charge expenses and administrative cost to sustain project. 

How can I make the payment?

You may pay us using a debit card, credit card, and Netbanking and with many other options such as Cheque, Direct Deposit, Demand Draft and etc.  You may pay online from our website too.

What does word "Resolve" "File Complaint" , "Beneficiary" etc. means?

Wherever you read “file a complaint” “resolve Complaint” it refers our free or paid support in the form of information, legal information, social support, assistance, drafting, posting and escalation of your complaint before competent authority excluding legal representation before any authority including court, government, police and any other corporation of any nature. we work on good faith and best effort basis. We mainly focus on consumer citizen empowerment and if such rights are violated, we put a solid effort in work to bring best possible result. We indeed have higher satisfaction and complaint solution ration. For us, you are not the customer, but Beneficiary who takes advantage and support of NGO project, from who support system of NGO actually exist. This access of facilities also carries terms and legal policy, which you generally sign online when you post your complaint with us.

Do you give a guarantee that my complaint will be resolved?

We give 100% Redressal of Grievance Guarantee or 100% 3 days Moneyback Guarantee, however, there is no guarantee that your complaint will be resolved up to your expectation. We Work on “Best Efforts Basis” We don’t guarantee resolution as per your expectation.

From our experience, we have seen that Government department/Officer do respond favorably to genuine complaints based on our interaction, strategy, and application of knowledge, further backed by aggressive social campaign and escalation of complaint at International level. We make effective use of RTI, Filing of Grievance Online to Government Department and Press Release etc., that it becomes impossible for the corrupt officer to resist. We give you assurance if your complaint has merit, we will fight until it is properly addressed.

For Brand and service provider, they operate under government rules and regulation, and their licenses also come with conditions under which they have to follow certain code and conduct dealing with their consumers such as complying with consumer rights, food safety, local laws and etc.  Any brand, that wishes to sustain, has to keep their customer happy and do well with their ORM (Online Reputation Management). We have an effective tool to influence their ORM if they are unfair to their consumer. Furtherance to that, We give full support for consumer court case. Please contact us, if you have more question or any doubts.

We work on best Effort basis. 

We never allow anyone to use us to abuse anyone’s right. Right is wonderful benefit that we as a human deserves and we aim to nourish it.

Do I need to hire a lawyer for filing the complaint?
No, you do not need a lawyer to file a complaint. However, if you require a lawyer, we can TRY to help you find a good one with your coordination with us. we can talk to your chosen lawyer. our goal in the process will be to ensure your lawyer is efficient, affordable and helpful to you. This is not a service, it’s a free support. We encourage you, to defend your right as this ensure procedure flow smooth, fast and highly affordable.
What are your working hours?

We take complaint online 24/7/365 online.

For processing your complaint and communication, below are our working hours in general;

Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 06:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am to 06:00pm

Sunday: Off

Emergency: you can call on our Helpline anytime at +91 79903 16164 or write us at

Please note sometime our HelpLine may go down or out of coverage, you can send us an email/SMS for faster response. Please leave your name, phone, an email, and issue so we can screen seriousness of your issue.

Do you offer support on Phone?

Your grievance is important to us. We receive hundreds of complaints each day and it is essential we work equally on each of the complaints. We are effective and efficient in online complaint management system and assure you, if we need to reach you we will take your appointment and call you back.

please be inform that we do not offer services over the phone (i.e your phone may remain unanswered/ off) for communication as we have an online ticket system for the same. This is to justify your plan and overall complaints that we receive. It never means we give less importance to your complaints, however, we work hard and practically to assist you to resolve your complaint.

If you have any emergency, feel free to post your message or write us at so your case manager will take your time slot and revert on phone. It is in fact better way to communicate over ticket system online so appropriate conversation records are maintained.

Apart from your complaint, keeping the cost of expenses down is another goal we work hard for. We are an NGO backed up a cause-driven social project, who does not focus on profit and hence we would appreciate your patience, understanding and realistic expectation while we work on your complaint.

Is all your plan suitable for any complaint?

Absolutely Yes!

If you want assistance in filing FIR or Filing Complaint Against Police Officer or Support for lodging Grievance against Government or their employee or say, you want to escalate your complaint to brand or service provider, we have set up fix categories that meet the various requirement of yours. 

Yoy may find more support services under your selected plan however you will be offered only those or all services that are applicable in your case. We have design general plan to keep is affordable yet efficient to redress. 

we expect you select plan based on the result you want, impact you want to create. do not always compare plan with disputed amount as that may or may not justify your case. Your right, grievance are invaluable and we are here to nurture that.

We often take the suggestion of beneficiaries (you) about plan design, price related suggestion, services related suggestion and implement it immediately. If you have suggestions please write us at

Can I Pay Later once my Complaint Resolved?


Being an NGO, we offer free support to many beneficiaries. We are always short of funds.

When you wish to watch a movie in Cinema, you must pay in advance. you cannot pay later even if you do not like Movie. We never charge additional amount to you or Any Percentage when you get refund, compensation or your complaint resolved.  

Being an NGO we charge only Expenses + Fees to sustain our model, for our the cause we carry. We work on Best Effort basis. Read Terms and Policy on website before you select our FREE or Non-Profit Plans.

We do not accept the additional benefit offered by you, no matter what, in the process of assistance. 

Do You Charge Extra Commission on Refund?

What you see in our non-profit plan is what we charge. We never charge on the top of that. for example, We help you to escalate your issue with Real Estate Builder for the refund of 15 Lakh INR and you choose any of our plans, that is the final charge and we never demand any percentage or gift on refund amount. We are Non-Profit Organization and our support to you is our own cause to empower Consumer-Citizen.  

How would I know that you have File Complaint?

We Love this question. We believe in 100% transparency.

As soon as you file a complaint, you will be allocated immediate complaint ID on which you can track the status of your complaint. Moreover, you can send us further document and efficiently communicate with us.

We will information about each status and stages of your case that is in progress. we are a dynamic team, we make mistakes but learn quickly hence be gentle with us. 

When sending you each document for your review before sending it to concern authority. once we post a notice or any draft, we will share tracking details. you shall also get a response from the concerned authority in connection with your grievance. 

We will inform you well in advance, before you pay, that how would we work on your case and once you file a complaint and open a ticket, you can ask us as many questions you may have.

We receive numerous complaint and we genuinely work on each and every complaint equally, hence we do not rely more on phone rather we encourage you for the ticket based update, if that does not work you can join our live chat option using CONTACT US page or email us. sometimes, the delay occurred when we need more time to study your case.

Can I File International Complaint?
Yes. Please Click Here to find more Information.
Can I Hide my Identity and File Complain anonymously?
Yes, In many cases you can hide your identity. Please Click Here to find more information. We can also discuss it when you file a complaint. You don’t need to make payment to file a complaint.
Can I File Free Complaint? What is your Facebook Forum?

you can also file a FREE complaint with us at our CHINTALESS NAGRIK FACEBOOK FORUM where we will guide you for free and escalate your complaint for free for one time through email, as a part of our continuous efforts to empower Consumer-Citizen of India. Click Here and Join our Facebook Forum for Free and file Complaint Free.

Didn’t you find your question above? Kindly ask your question on or Leave Question on WhatsApp Number: +91 79903 16164

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