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Internet Fraud & 100+ More Complaints.


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Are you a Victim of International Organized Crime? If you have invested money in good faith on someone promises who lives abroad and now not responding you, we can assist you to resolve your issue. Either International Student looking for Refund or Having issue with Immigration department, or NRI Crimes, we can help you. We are the first in India and world to help #ConsumerCitizen of India to resolve their issue online.


100% Hassle Free Complaints.         FREE Premium Support.         100% Redressal Guarantee.

How We Assist to Resolve International Complaint.

We assist in filing a complaint related to International Student, Indian resident cheated by Foreign National or Indian NRI/NRE, Issue with Immigration department, Bullying, Discrimination, Organized crime victim, Consumer Issues with International Brand and more.

We provide your full information, resources, and support. You don’t need to make any payment for services until you are satisfied with our essential opinion related to your complaint.

We encourage you to read our Terms and Condition before you make payment or obtain our free or paid services. We also encourage to read resources available on this page. Internet Fraud, Cybercrime, Indian NRE, NRI, International Student related, Immigration Fraud related 100+ Complaint covered.

International Student

Indian Student opting for Foreign Education, If you wish to change your education provider, while you have not completed full course and seek fee refund and refused for the same or your are misled by foreign immigration consultant or Consultant in India or may be a victim of bullying, discrimination or financial fraud. We are at your help with our knowledge, experience, and expertise to resolve India’s International Student Issue. We know how much hardship your family and you have put on, in addition to huge financial investment and we assist you to safeguard your interest in the foreign country and resolve it online.

Financial Fraud

If you have invested in foreign country or engaged with Indian who lives in foreign country and you have been victim of financial loss, we can help you to resolve your issue. We many times, write a complaint to Indian Embassy and take regular follow-up in addition to that, we take the assistance of our affiliated NGO to get the best help. Financial Internet Fraud is one of the serious crime cause to common people and we have to build efficient resources to offer effective support. We also take other strict ethical measure to resolve an issue. Press Release, Social Campaign, Involvement of Government from both country and constant follow up will be part of a strategy. Real Time update and evidence of procedure will be provided.


Special and Misc. Complaint

If you are Indian nation living abroad and victimized by any criminal act such as sexual harassment, threat or anything else, and you are clueless who next to do? we can help you to file a complaint or take appropriate help or action. Fight with Internet Fraud and International Crime with us made easy.

Online International Complaint

Are you a Victim of International Organized Crime? If you have invested or lend monies abroad and cheated, or NRI financial or matrimonial fraud, we can assist you to redress your issue. Support extend to International Student in all countries covering 100+ categories. 

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Internet Fraud & 100+ More Complaints. – File International Complaint With us.

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