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File Online Government Police Consumer complaint

File FIR – RTI – Cyber Crime Complaint with us. 100% Hassle Free & Grievance Redressal Guarantee & More.


You can now file an online complaint in less than 2 minutes. Easy and Convenient. 100% Moneyback and 100% Redressal of Grievance Guarantee ! Simply fill the online complaint form underneath. 

Contact Us  if you have any question or require help to file Online Government, Police, and Consumer complaint.

Filing Complaint online with us is 100% Hassle Free and you can track and update your complaint status online through complaint ticket system using your mobile or laptop. We expect you to read about plan and it’s feature and avoid selecting random plan as it shows your lack of interest towards your complaint.

File Complaint

How it Work

1. You will fill online complaint form and your complaint ID (Ticket number) will be mail to your registered email immediately.

2. If you have not received email, please check your spam or refill complaint form and ensure you put the correct email ID.

3. How you can post a question, send us a document or track status on your complaint including details of any payment related instruction can be found in the email you receive after filing a complaint online.

4. Our team will manually review your complaint and send you general information about us and further necessary information with payment information.

5.. We will collect necessary information from you and ask you to fill the online incident form.

6. As per your case, we will begin working on your issue. 

7. We will offer drafting, support, information, assistance and escalation services and each procedure may take time depend on upon case to case merits. We are a solid and expert team, determined and passionate about empowering consumer and citizen rights.

8. You are advised to stick to ticket communication for all issue. We do not offer phone support due to heavy inflow of complaint and affordable charges that focus on expenses and cost to run this project. if require you can ask for a callback and we will then look into a nature of the question and arrange a callback, we are friendly however we wish to focus mostly on the resolution.


Online Government Police Consumer complaint

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