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We help Citizens whose complaint is not processed, accepted, recognized, acknowledged, attended or resolved or even pending before the Government Department. We help you resolve almost any complaint that you might have against the government, Govt. employee or any of the department of government such as Municipal Corporation, Panchayat, Ministry of Government, Corruption and More. We cover 100+ Government Department and area India-wide.

Resolve Government Complaint Online with 100% Grievance Redressal Guarantee.


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Download and View full list of Government Department against whom you can file a complaint with us.

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Download and View Types of Complaint you can file against government department.

Resolve Complaint Online.

Complaint Against Government

File Online Complaint against Government, Employee, Municipal, Local government, NGOs, Pending File/ Work or Disposal of matter from Government Department, Public Sector Bank and Government Owned Company , MP/ MLA/ Corporator, Collector & 100+ More.

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Resolve Government Complaint Online

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