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4-Stages RTI


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Submit form online or write your RTI question and send us email.

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Stage 3

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Stage 4

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Why We Run This Project?


1. Assistance and Support in Resolving Consumer-Citizen Complaints. Empowering People.

2. To Participate in the RECOGNITION, PROTECTION, PROMOTION, ADVOCACY, ENFORCEMENT and REGULATION of rights of Indian Citizen-Consumer Of India.

3. Reliable, Friendly, Responsible, Accessible, Transparent and Corruption Free Government, Police and Brand.


The Consumer-Citizen Rights Includes:

Civil and Political Rights – Right to Life, Liberty, Free Speech, Movement, Political Thought, Religious Practice, Fair Trial, Privacy, To Raise Family, To Vote;

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – Adequate food and water, Healthcare, Education, Clean Environment, Respect for cultural practices, Welfare assistance;

Humanitarian Rights – Rights of those who are, affected by armed conflict, prisoners of war, wounded, women and children; for necessary care and treatment.

Rights of Categories of People – Workers’ rights, Women’s rights, Minority groups, disabled, Consumer Rights, Juvenile Rights and etc.

The Crime and Corruption Includes: Crime and Corruption within Government Organization, Organization that are funded or supported by the Government of India, All Employees of Government of India.

All the Private and Public sector companies, Institution, Ngo’s and other professional who are operating under the government regulation or serves to the Consumer-citizen of india  also included in this category.


Consumer Rights: Generally accepted basic consumer rights are (1) Right to safety: protection from hazardous goods. (2) Right to be informed: availability of information required for weighing alternatives, and protection from false and misleading claims in advertising and labeling practices. (3) Right to choose: availability of competing goods and services that offer alternatives in terms of price, quality, service. (4) Right to be heard: assurance that government will take full cognizance of the concerns of consumers, and will act with sympathy and dispatch through statutes and simple and expeditious administrative procedures.


1. To follow the 4 Stages of ChintalessNagrik to resolve Consumer-Citizen’s Complaints.

2. Helping individual, groups, or communities to enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and to create societal conditions favorable to this goal. Community Well-being.

3. Coaching, Training, Education, Seminar and Workshops to Achieve the Vision and effective delivery of OBJECTIVE.

4. The bridge between Government/ Company and Consumer-Citizen as a Social Entrepreneur to build a better relationship, peace, civil progress, protection and promotion of legal rights of the Indian Consumer-Citizen.

5. To Conduct necessary legal research to achieve the vision and objective of ChintalessNagrik and take action that is necessary . To Conduct activities and operation to eliminate crime and corruption within government organization by any legal and fairly acceptable ways or associations. Running a moderate to aggressive social campaign, a media campaign to restore rights of Consumer-Citizens.

6. To take action against crime and corruption within government organization and to influence Lawmakers, national policies and government of India to bring positive change in national reforms. “Process of action” through feedback, Campaign, and reports.

7. To Amend, Add or Subtract Objective and Services to achieve VISION.



 We’re Social Entrepreneur, Reformist & Changemaker, Empowering and Helping Consumer-Citizen of India to Protect, Promote, Advocate and Defend Their Civil Rights, Human Rights, Legal Rights, Constitutional Rights, Consumer Rights and Fundamental Rights by the way of escalation of their Grievance and Complaints to concerned department thereafter if issues remain complex or unresolved we take it up to highest authority for legal action, intervention, and resolution of complaint or grievance. We also force the government to take disciplinary action and necessary steps when it is required.

We provide one stop solution for everything that you require to resolve your complaint with one time lowest processing charges. Our process includes escalation of complaints, follow up, drafting and sending a legal notice, Writing RTI and Appeals, Social and Media Campaign,Press Releases, Complaints to International Level and 05+ Government Organization. We are Fearless, Daring, and Passionate about our Job.

We fight and back you up and until your grievance is addressed legally.


 Read Our Story “Section” in “About Us” Category,  to know why we run this project.

We are like minded Citizen-Consumer who have become Social Entrepreneur, Changemaker, and reformist to make Government, Police and Brand accountable, friendly, Transparent, Honest and Corruption Free towards the Consumer-Citizens.

In a normal life of common man, it is apparent that it is tough to deal with slow, ill responsive government department or official to get Citizen-Consumer work done properly. Whether it is Filing of FIR or dealing with Police for a range of Criminal and Civil issues, It is close to impossible to go against police or force them to do a legal job that they are entitled to do. Sometimes opposition invites never-ending problem to Citizen. On the other hand, Government is still not free from serious crime and corruption which directly or indirectly affect the citizen. To get individual’s problem resolved from government or police department, no social organization or government itself found to be interested. Lawyers take huge fees, however, there is no guarantee for a result. On the other side, Brands are backed by wealthy and highly qualified lawyer who backed the legal and financial interest of their client (Brand).

Consumer-Citizen is given important on the pages and storyboard however, a true support and strong backup is in shortage, timely support is not available to aggrieved person, hence the solution came out as a that offers Online services to resolve Citizen and Consumers complaint against Government, Police, Filing FIR and Brands. We do not just support merely writing a piece of paper but we provide full-fledged support and record your story and send it up to higher authorities after the resolution of your complaint to influence policy maker, lawmaker, and protector of our nation.



  • Up Time Service Guarantee 99.99% 99.99%
  • Moneyback Guarantee 100% 100%
  • India Wide Online Coverage 94% 94%
  • Consumer-Citizen Complaint Resolved 89% 89%
  • Free Complaint Filed & Resolved 73% 73%

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I make the payment?

You may pay us using your debit card, credit card, and Netbanking and with many other options such as Cheque, Direct Deposit, Demand Draft and etc.  You may pay online HERE or After we Create Your complaint ID/ Ticket Number.

What is FREE Premium Services (Forever)?

When you select Paid Plan, you would receive a number of Premium services that generally if paid, acquire high cost. We just charge Costs + the fees to support and sustain our social entrepreneur model. Henceforth, our Services stay reasonable yet compelling, highly professional and result oriented. We are a group of a like-minded Consumer-citizen entrepreneur who has created a proficient system, utility assets, and addition of specific expertise, capability, and information to keep exceedingly available by a complainant. We receive resources and informative support from JivanamAsteya Organization, (reg. NGO) which is duly beneficial to ConsumerCitizen.


Our Story - About

We started as registered ngo in 2012 in surat, gujarat to resolve grievance of indian citizen and consumer for free however with growing citizen-consumer’s demand for assistance and complex bureaucratic and ill-responsive nature of government, brands backed by lawyer and wealth, fear of police among citizen, restricted us to serve large community for free and limited our ability to hire legal social worker, associated with expert lawyer and building network with local, national and international communities without sufficient funding. We did not like the idea of receiving fund and grant from government or private institutions as this might have given them intervention opportunity and they would try to influence or control us.

To assist #consumercitizen; to resolve their complaint and further to take strict action against responsible, it was imperative to offer unlimited free premium services (such as social campaign, writing petition, 10+ agency and departmental complaint, 200+ press releases and more.) in addition to full-fledged technical-legal social work support. We wanted to create 100% response on complaint and hence we required top brain consultant, knowledge, r&d, skills and infrastructure. To sum up, “community based social entrepreneur” was a solution to problem. We charge for expenses and minimum fees to sustain our community based social entrepreneur model. Rest is free. Every professional associated with us, take minimum fees but provide world-class services with 100% guarantee.

Of course, we’re into multiple other startups however our vision is to offer efficient services and solution to our client at low to moderate cost. We love our work as it bring immense satisfaction to us and peace and happiness to our customers. We are passionate, dedication and devoted team, determined to safeguard & advocate #citizenconsumer rights in India. In our journey, we salute, promote, interview those heroes who support to resolve grievance of citizen & consumer such as police, government officials. It is essential that people of our country know about dedicated honest official and good reliable brand who protect their users rights and comfort. is a one stop ConsumerCitizen Forum to Resolve all Complaint Online. We Work on Best Effort Basis.


File RTI Online

 Solid, Focused, Expert and Result Oriented R.T.I (Right to Information Act Application) made easy, Fast and 100% Hassle Free with us. If you don’t have question but subject with doubts, leave that on us to draft full application. Affordable Charges With Efficient Outcome.

What Our Customer Say About Us.


Customer's Review


So amazing. Got pending issue resolved before government.

Anurag Trivedi

Indore, Madya Pradesh

You guy’s are awesome, slid and result oriented.

Suresh Pai

Banglore, Karnataka

Police registered my complaint after RTI filed. God Bless Team.

Sunny Sharma

Surat, Gujarat


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